Let Lakeshore Handle Your Landscaping

Lakeshore is the largest and most diverse grower of large specimen trees in Saskatchewan.  We invite you by appointment to come out to the farm to choose your large specimen tree.  With so many varieties and such a broad range to choose from you can save years of time by purchasing a semi-mature tree.

Vic Krahn has over 40 years of experience and is a Journeyperson of Horticulture and Landscape Certified.  Please call 306.978.3333 to book an appointment.

We offer landscape consultations at your home or at our office located at 960 Valley Road. It includes the following:

  • site visit
  • soil drainage, grading, and topsoil requirements
  • specimen tree placement
  • landscape designer recommendations
  • $350 plus GST within 20km of the city
  • farm shelterbelt planning; in office; no charge

2019 Specimen Tree Price List

Please call 306.978.3333 for an appointment.