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While our compound remains fresh and lush,

it’s time to start cleaning out the Annual Greenhouse

We still have a large selection of hanging baskets,

everyone’s favorite coleus and begonias

and lots of basket stuffers  in case some of your little guys

have had a hard time with this heat wave.

We have a great selection of water plants available as well

Make sure you check out our Specials tab to see what is on sale!


We are open

9 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday


10 am to 5 pm on Sunday


A friendly reminder that if you have a plant you purchased from us

last year that is eligible for warranty, we ONLY accept dead plants

back from June 1 to 30. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please bring your dead plant back before the end of June

along with your original receipt, and we will give you a

credit note for the amount you paid.



New Product Alert!

Worm Gold Plus

improves soils structure and health

reduce soil salts

improve irrigation water efficiency

Improved Growth with Worm Castings – the fact that plants will show dramatically improved growth with the use of worm castings has been known for over 100 years. Flowers grow bigger with brighter colors, vegetables grow larger and are far better tasting, orchards produce far more fruit with better taste. All applications where worm castings are used give far improved plant growth.

Sold by the .7 cubic foot bag (20 dry quarts)

$37.99 each


Hope to see you soon!


Stay safe and stay healthy!



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