Welcome to Spring 2021!


We are now into May and our stock continues to change daily

Our perennials have arrived and our water plants are expected on Thursday, May 6

We have received quite a few of our shade and fruit trees as well as many of our shrubs

with our shipment of evergreens scheduled to arrive the week of May 10

We have strawberries, vegetable packs, geraniums, canna & calla lilies,

begonias, coleus and so much more!


This weekend is a great time to grab those seed potatoes and

yes we do have stock on the popular Caribe!


We are open

9 am to 8 pm daily


New Product Alert!

Worm Gold Plus

improves soils structure and health

reduce soil salts

improve irrigation water efficiency

Improved Growth with Worm Castings – the fact that plants will show dramatically improved growth with the use of worm castings has been known for over 100 years. Flowers grow bigger with brighter colors, vegetables grow larger and are far better tasting, orchards produce far more fruit with better taste. All applications where worm castings are used give far improved plant growth.

Sold by the .7 cubic foot bag (20 dry quarts)

$37.99 each


We are excited to be partnering with Kind Bee Farms

in the sale of an All-In-One-Pollinator Kit

which includes a Bee Home, Nesting Tubes and Bee Cocoons

Leafcutter bees are super pollinators which helps your garden

grow the fast and easy way!


Please be assured that all COVID protocols are in place so you can shop safely.

Hope to see you soon!


Stay safe and stay healthy!



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